The best pet you never met awaits. Meet great pets in your area:

A brand film I wrote, directed, and edited for Red Clouds Collective:

Some social videos I concepted, directed, and edited for Free Public wines:

Some freelance social work I did for the Emmy Award winning series, Atlanta:

Benny intends to sniff out if his human has been running around with other dogs.

Promoting pet friendly workplaces in the style of “The Office”

A campaign that’s so bad it’s good:


Pets Break the News:

Meet the pets who rule the internet:

Zoetis Petcare Website copy and social posts:

Tagline exploration and website copy for the Revere, a new condo building on Mississippi, in PDX:

Copywriting and video editing for K-9 Courage. Click the image for the full site:

Was happy to write this microsite about All Boats Rise’s generous
holiday contribution to Regrow Puerto Rico on behalf of their clients and friends:

A satircal campaign I was heavily involved in is a recent Aster Awards Gold Winner.

I wrote the script for this video, from the campaign.

If you can’t trust the host of Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) – who can you trust?
Learn more about the campaign here.

An apparel line in Venice, CA:

A NY-based maufacturing hub:

A B2B campaign I lent my words and ideas to while working at All Boats Rise was recently awarded at the 2017 Digiday Awards. 

A video I scripted from the campaign:

Learn more about the full campaign here.

Munchkin Grass Fed Infant Formula Website:
(No the formula doesn’t eat grass and I didn’t come up with the name.)

Learn more about the Munchkin Grass Fed campaign here.

Some shoe company in the PNW:

Above and below: ghost writing for illustrator Jonas Claesson, published in White Horses Surf Magazine, Australia